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A beard is a statement, but it can also be tough to grow and maintain. A good beard balm can help you achieve a soft, healthy and stylish facial mane.

Unlike beard oil, which is best used as a deeply penetrating moisturizer, beard balm is more of a styling product. Our beard balm is made with gentler waxes and butters, leaving your beard and skin healthier and softer.


A high-quality beard balm is formulated with ingredients that help moisturize both your facial hair and the skin beneath it. When applied after a shower, the moisturizing ingredients absorb into the skin and hair to nourish them, leaving them soft and supple.

This prevents dryness, which can cause itchiness and even lead to dandruff. It also helps keep your beard soft and tame flyaway hairs. Beard balm can help to avoid split ends by keeping the strands of your beard tightly woven together.

Unlike beard oil, which is more hydrating than styling, a beard balm offers a medium hold that allows you to shape your beard and sculpt it. It also helps to tame flyaway hairs and give your beard a natural shine. The balm is formulated with shea butter and other natural oils for hydration, as well as some beeswax for added hold. It is best applied with a beard brush or comb to ensure an even distribution and to help define your face shape.


When your beard grows out it can become dry and prickly. The best beard balms help to prevent this from happening by providing a rich hydrating treatment that helps to soften the facial hairs as well as the skin underneath.

When used daily, the right beard balm will nourish your skin and encourage softer, fuller-looking whiskers. It also makes it easier to tame your beard, helping to make it more manageable and less likely to get in the way of your activities.

If you’re unsure how much beard balm you should use, the general rule is to scoop out a thumbnail-sized amount. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, though, as the amount you need will depend on how long your beard is and how thick it is. Once you’ve found the right amount, simply scrape the back of your thumbnail through the product to dislodge a small amount and begin applying it to your beard.

Controls Flyaways

A beard balm is a great tool for helping you control flyaways, particularly in longer beards. It also helps keep them at bay throughout the day, giving you a more professional look.

Using a quality beard balm like our Utility Balm can help prevent the annoying, pesky hairs from flying around your face and neck. You can also use it to shape your beard into a desired style or shape.

Both beard oil and balm hydrate the skin and hair, but the primary difference is that beard balm has a light to medium hold that allows you to style your beard. This is because it contains natural waxes and butters that offer a bit of structure to your beard.

The best time to use beard balm is right after a shower, when your beard and skin are still slightly damp. That way, it can soak up the conditioning ingredients more quickly and easily. You can also apply it at other times, but you may find that the hold won’t last as long.


As you style and groom your beard, the scent you choose lingers throughout the day. The best beard balms have a subtle yet irresistible fragrance that complements your personality and style.

Unlike beard oil , beard balm is often a thicker consistency. Its harder texture clings to hair fibres and gives you more styling control. It also tends to have less of a shiny residue than beard oil.

Pete & Pedro uses shea butter and natural waxes to create our beard balm formula. The resulting product is a natural, putty-like grooming substance that you apply by finger tips and gently rub into your beard and face.

Our premium beard balms are available in four different scents and one unscented. We also have a matching daily face + beard moisturizer and softener to help you achieve the look you want. For more information, visit our beard products page. You can also ask us a question on our contact page.

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